With over 20 years of dedicated client service. ACN Worldwide has successfully built itself to become a global investment advisory group, based in China, servicing private and institutional investors and facilitating transactions across the globe.

  • June 1 2018|VIEWPOINTS
    James Bladen

    Management Rationale

    of ACN Worldwide's Tech Fund

    Proof of concept stage investing has a less than 10 % success rate with success being measured in getting your money back and making a modest return via a buyout. Rarely will incubator / early stage companies turn into dividend plays. 1% may achieve that golden target of being a 1000 bagger. So investing at this corporate level has a large wealth warning attached. By going through what our management team look for, it will give potential investors an idea of what is invo...

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  • May 21 2018|VIEWPOINTS
    Nelson Wong

    The Beginning or End of Reforms

    Speech at the Annual Convention of Gallup International Association in Yerevan, Armenia

    A Wall Street Journal commentary on April 26, 2016 entitled "China's Challenge on Democracy" said: "The democratic cause is on the defensive today, and China's pragmatic authoritarianism now offers a serious rival model, based on economic progress and national dignity."

    Well, I am not here to comment or argue whether the term "pragmatic authoritarianism" is a correct description of the so-called "China Model"...

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  • May 20 2018|VIEWPOINTS
    Nelson Wong

    A Friendship Mutually Needed

    Time to Enhance Bulgaria's Relationship with China for Their Mutual Benefit

    While the country of Bulgaria has been excited and preoccupied with its rotating presidency of the European Council since the beginning of 2018, it should also be noted that the annual summit of "16+1" (a cooperation platform between China and 16 Central and Eastern European ("CEE") countries) is set to be held in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, later this year, where China's Premier Li Keqiang and the heads of state of the 16 CEE countries are all scheduled...

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Investment Projects

  • Germany
    Investment in or Acquisition of Patent-Hold
    Businesses and Industrial Projects

    Acn Worldwide, bu teaming up with our German associate, has assembied a select number of amall scale industrial projects and exting manufacturing facillties in Gemany that have been made available for either investment ......

  • Bulgaria
    Equity Investment in an Expanding Retail
    Chain Business Operation

    ACN Worldwide has the mandate to find a Chinese entity to partner with a Bulgarian retail operator in consumer electronics with a chain of over 120 stores in Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina......

  • Greece
    Consolidation of Aquaculture Businesses
    in the Mediterranean Region

    ACN Worldwide has been engaged by a client to present a rare opportunity to partner with an aquaculture industry leader in Europe to become a global player. One or more investors are expected to join hands with the......

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    With over 20 years of dedicated client service, ACN Worldwide has successfully built itself to become a global investment advisory group, based in China, serving private and institutional investors and facilitating transactions across the globe.

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