Investment Projects

  • Germany
    Investment in or Acquisition of Patent-Hold Businesses and Industrial Projects

    ACN Worldwide, by teaming up with our German associate, has assembled a select number of small scale industrial projects and exciting manufacturing facilities in Germany that have been made available for either investment…

  • Bulgaria
    Equity Investment in an Expanding Retail Chain Business Operation

    ACN Worldwide has the mandate to find a Chinese entity to partner with a Bulgarian retail operator in consumer electronics with a chain of over 120 stores in Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina...

  • Greece
    Consolidation of Aquaculture Businesses in the Mediterranean Region

    ACN Worldwide has been engaged by a client to present a rare opportunity to partner with an aquaculture industry leader in Europe to become a global player. One or more investors are expected to join hands with the...

Market Intelligence . Global Coverage

  • Investment Advisory

    Every client’s need is unique. We take care of the individual client need in cross border investments with absolute dedication and are able to provide insightful advice to help them make informed decisions for their investment and to devise winning strategies.

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  • Market Intelligence

    Our international team of researchers and analysts stay vigilant at all times towards changing market situations, and are experienced to conduct reality checks, feasibility studies, and risk analysis covering both developed countries and emerging markets around the world.

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  • Country Facts

    Our Country Facts series provides a unique and concise synopsis that details everything from the geography, climate, history, demographics, economy, education, culture, and infrastructure of each country with profiles of their main cities.

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  • Country Data & Stats

    Country Data & Stats provides a summary of the essential facts and information of over 160 countries as well as the introduction of the major regional and global economic organisations with a list of their respective member states.

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Past and Upcoming Events
From marketing campaigns for real estate developments, wine tasting events to promote lesser known regions, cocktail receptions and gala dinners for national day celebrations, to country promotions, investment forums, and topical seminars, we are well experienced in planning, organising and hosting all kinds of events that are renowned for the quality of their attendees, the innovative manner of our presentations, as well as the unique theme each one has.

Meet Our Professionals

Nothing is more important than our fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We work tirelessly to ensure that both our interests and those of our clients are entirely aligned. Our team of seasoned professionals, with a mix of cultural backgrounds, have jointly brought decades of leadership experience in the fields of cross-border investment advice, project development and marketing, real estate finance and transaction, asset and fund management, research and publishing, as well as corporate and global network management.

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