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ACN Worldwide has developed beyond the traditional boundaries of an investment consultancy. The combined strength of our multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team of professionals allows us to help our clients and business partners achieve their goals and aspirations by thinking out of the box to always come up with creative solutions in the wider context of investment and beyond.


We welcome and respect all kinds of business ideas, project initiatives and investment opportunities, and we strive to help expand creativity and think beyond the boundaries.

Investment Advisory

We take special care of individual client needs in cross border investments and are able to provide insightful advice to help our clients make informed decisions and to devise winning strategies.

Investment Management

Our decades long experience in the market enables us to handle and coordinate management instructions to the satisfaction of clients for their investment both domestically and overseas.

Market Intelligence

We maintain a specialist team to continuously conduct and update the research into the national characteristics and market realities covering over 100 countries in 22 regions across 6 continents.


What never gets changed is changing. We pride ourselves for being forward thinking at all times to make sure that we are constantly accumulating our resources to better service our clients.


Project Development

Business ideas, project initiatives and investment opportunities, no matter where and what they are, all need to be developed, analysed and packaged concisely for presentation to investors. Our seasoned professionals have the experience in not only finding and quantifying the core values of different ideas, initiatives and opportunities, but can also present each project in a professional manner that is easily understood by the investment community.

We welcome and respect all kinds of business ideas, project initiatives and investment opportunities, and we strive to help expand creativity and think beyond the boundaries. Our usual approach and way of cooperation is either by being retained by or partnering with the client for such project development.

Project Marketing

Understanding the target market and audience for a particular project or offering is the key to developing the right strategies for successful marketing. Working with our clients, our in-house professionals are capable of creating all types of Offering Teasers, Opportunity Summaries, Presentations and Brochures up to international standards in both English and Chinese and other languages if required.

Working within the approved and available budget, we are resourceful and experienced in organising and hosting topical seminars, theme-based cocktail receptions and dinner parties, and large scale gala events for marketing and promotional purposes. Our ability to always target the right audience for the right project, use the appropriate media, stage the presentation in the most professional manner and follow up timely on potential targets will ensure the maximum benefits.

Investment Advisory

Market Entry Strategies

Nothing is more important than knowledge when it comes to making an investment in an overseas market. A clear and well-thought out strategy can only be made possible with a thorough market analysis, clear goals and objectives, responsible risk management, and wisely chosen business partners. Circumstances on the ground may change quickly so the research needs to be continuously reviewed and renewed in order for the business to stay ahead of competition after the market entry.

We take special care of individual client needs in cross border investments. Our in-house research capabilities are complimented by the local knowledge and business experience of our regional representatives and partners around the world, enabling us to provide insightful advice to help our clients make informed decisions and to devise winning strategies.

Business Valuation

Business valuation is a key requirement while buying or selling a business, restructuring of ownership, estate planning, taxes, key person insurance, litigation, support loan finance, or listing an IPO.

Being a subjective process, our valuation professionals and chartered accountants are well placed and experienced to produce the right valuation in line with all the up to date local and international methodologies. We are also able to assist where there is a disputed valuation by reviewing and commenting on its suitability.

Our multidisciplinary approach covers initial scoping, data gathering, and analysis. The initial report, alongside post valuation support, helps us develop a deep understanding of what makes your business valuable. We deliver a report that is both marketable and robust, made possible by our dedication to professional research.

Project Finance

Project financing is a loan structure that relies primarily on the project's cash flow for repayment, with the project's assets, rights and interests held as secondary security or collateral. Depending on the type of project, financing can be designed and arranged with various options ranging from secured loans, off balance sheet loans, to non-recourse or limited recourse financial structures.

Our expertise is well recognised in assisting the funding of infrastructure and energy projects, mining projects, public works, and real estate developments. We have access to different levels of lenders and have the experience to design the appropriate financing options depending on the nature of the project, prepare the necessary documents, and to negotiate the best available financing arrangement on behalf of our clients.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring form a big part of our active role in facilitating business transactions. Either being retained by or partnering with our client, we are experienced in mergers, acquisitions, considerations, tender offers, the purchase of assets and management acquisitions. Regardless of the category or structure, we make it our priority to satisfying the aspirations of all parties involved and as a result create synergy and value.

In leading cross-border transactions, our consultants and negotiators work closely with select financial, tax and legal professionals with local knowledge and competence to evaluate all kinds of M&A initiatives, structure deals in the most efficient and cost effective way, draft and review term sheet and contract, and to manage the transactions throughout the entire process.

Investment Management

Real Estate Asset Management

Profitability in the real estate industry is constantly challenged by the critical changes in the regulatory, legal, social, and taxation environment as well as regional and international economic and environmental issues, which have mandated specialised and progressive management expertise. Our core competence in real estate asset management is the important role we play in the effort to balance the risk and return in real estate investment, and in particular to profit from those opportune yet less matured markets.

With the benefit of our three decades of accumulated experience in the real estate industry, in addition to managing our self-owned portfolio of real estate, we are able to handle and to coordinate management instructions to look after, on behalf of our clients, properties bought for investment purposes, both in China and overseas, tailoring our services to cover leasing, budgeting, rent collection, rent reviews, dispositions and other related matters.

Private Equity

Headquartered in Shanghai, our fund management services are dedicated to advising and leading the creation and management of investment funds that specialise in three fields: small enterprises with high growth potential in the emerging Central and Eastern European region (the CEE Growth Fund), new technology and innovative projects with wide market application potential (the TechYield Fund), and distressed real estate assets that can be bought below market value (the Turnaround Fund).

Our screening and selection process for projects are conducted by our fund managers with the strong support and input from our team of specialist and professionals in their respective fields. Our management attention is focused on monitoring the industry trajectory and changing market conditions, the execution capabilities of the business management team of each invested company, as well as the financial performance and liquidity of the investment as a whole.

Market Intelligence

Country Facts

Responding to the growing need for foreign direct investment by almost every country and the challenges for companies willing to engage in cross-border investments, we maintain a specialist team to continuously conduct and update the research into the national characteristics and market realities covering over 100 countries in 22 regions across 6 continents. Following a standardised content spread and style in its graphic design, our signature publication series, the Country Facts, have been developed with official and publically available information as well as the timely input of country professionals, and are endorsed by leading diplomats and state level officials of the respective countries.

Our Country Facts series is a unique and concise synopsis that details everything from the geography, climate, history, demographics, economy, education, culture, and infrastructure of each country with profiles of its main cities. Through these booklets, readers will gain a valuable insight into the core fundamentals of each country with essential statistics, facts, and summaries of its national accomplishments and future challenges, as well as its current economic position and investment climate.

Country Data & Stats

The combined strength of our in-house research professionals and our regional representatives around the world gives us the capacity to conduct market research in almost all the major countries around the world. We maintain and constantly update our database of national and economic data and statistics of more than 160 countries across Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa by consolidating and cross-referencing to the published information of leading world and regional organisations as well as the statistics bureaus of those countries.

Believing in global knowledge sharing, we have made our research product, Country Data & Statistics, available on our website free of charge. Companies and individuals that are interested to find out about the economic overview and information specific to each country will find this database not only useful but user friendly.

Risk Analysis

The increasing level of economic globalisation means that the development and survival of more and more companies are no longer limited to the relatively stable environment of their local and domestic markets. Many find themselves compelled to respond to external changing and sometimes unpredicted market situations and factors that are beyond their reasonable control such as political instability, trade conflict between countries, changing tax and labour regulations, environmental issues, and volatile exchange rates.

Risk analysis is particularly necessary where companies wish to enter opportune yet volatile markets of developing countries and emerging nations. We are constantly keeping close track of developing political and economic trends worldwide. Our analysts are capable of researching into known realities and underlying hidden and lesser known risks and their historical reasons.

Investment Feasibility Studies

Some investment offerings may seem financially feasible in general terms, but may prove otherwise when all factors are considered. Feasibility studies are therefore often required and considered as the starting point for a successful and profitable new project. The experience of our consultants has been built on a high frequency of studies on an annual basis, conducted in markets with different business cultures and national economic environments.

Over the years we have developed a well-proven approach and methodology towards our studies, and are well recognised for being able to offer insightful comments and pinpoint those areas that need special attention when determining the feasibility of a foreign direct investment project. This includes, but is not limited to the political environment, cultural differences, personnel and staff management, legal and tax environment, as well as the usual pitfalls in management execution.


Events and Conferences

From marketing campaigns for real estate developments, wine tasting events to promote lesser known regions, cocktail receptions and gala dinners for national day celebrations, to country promotions, investment forums, and topical seminars, we are well experienced in planning, organising and hosting all kinds of events that are renowned for the quality of their attendees, the innovative manner of our presentations, as well as the unique theme each one has.

Whether it is our own promotional function or an event we are engaged to organise on behalf of our clients, we treat every event with passion and contribute our creativity to bring about the best possible result, making sure that all attendees will feel engaged but never pressured, and will leave with good memories.

Free Trade Zone 16 Plus 1 Ltd.

A subsidiary of ACN Worldwide and headquartered in Shanghai, Free Trade Zone 16 Plus 1 Ltd. (FTZ 16+1) was established in 2016 and has offices and representatives in the entire Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. As a dedicated trading platform specifically for the promotion and sale of goods and products from CEE countries to markets at multiple levels across China, its success has been a result of the continuing cooperation between China and the CEE region under the framework known as the “16 + 1 Platform”.

FTZ 16+1 facilitates trading, provides market intelligence, and develops market entry strategies for manufacturers and producers in CEE countries who wish to find buyers in China for their products. Being physically based in China and led by a multicultural and multilingual team of professionals, we have built up strong working relationships with and have direct access to major e-commerce platforms, brick-and-mortar stores and other sales channels in China to support our European clients to grow their business and trading volumes across China.

The Bulgarian Tourist Information Centre in China

The Bulgarian Tourist Information Centre in China was established in Shanghai in August 2017 by ACN Worldwide with the approval of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria. As a typical example of a Public-Private Partnership, the Centre has been set up based on a cooperation agreement between ACN Worldwide and the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism. The Centre provides updated information and facts on Bulgarian tourism, coordinates the marketing and promotion in China of Bulgaria being a favoured tourist destination with related travel programmes, and offering agency services for visa applications, with such powers being granted by the Bulgarian Consulate in Shanghai. Further expansion of the Centre to establish offices in Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Haikou are anticipated to take place in the coming years.

The launching of the Bulgarian Tourist Information Centre in Shanghai is a milestone reflecting our strong ties with Bulgaria. By partnering with local Bulgarian tour companies, the Centre has developed a series of theme based travel programmes, is constantly promoting Bulgaria in tourism expos in many regional capitals across China, as well as linking them with Chinese outbound travel agencies to facilitate more and more Chinese travellers to visit Bulgaria.

Political Risk Analysis and Research Centre

Starting as a division of ACN Worldwide in 2015 and spinning off subsequently to become an independent entity incorporated in the United Kingdom, the Political Risk Analysis and Research Centre, or PRARC, specialises in research into the historical and cultural diversities of Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries, as well as their political and economic realities, and national characteristics. PRARC is led by a group of political scientists, historians, sociologists, economists, and its partners are leading universities and academic institutions in Asia, North America, UK, Germany and, in particular, CEE countries. With a dedicated mission to promote a better understanding of the immense development potential and business opportunities in the CEE countries, PRARC offers specialised expertise and extensive professional experience in monitoring the political processes in the region as a whole and within each country.

With this broad knowledge base, PRARC produces on demand well-researched and deeply analytical country reviews of this promising yet volatile region of Europe, while at the same time can conduct tailored political risk studies and research to guide corporate investments in the region, providing the basis for winning business strategies.

Shanghai Centre for RimPac Strategic and International Studies

As of the beginning of 2018, ACN Worldwide has become the main patron of the Shanghai Centre for RimPac Strategic and International Studies, a non-government and non-profit organisation established in 2000. Led by leading Chinese academics and senior researchers in international relations and supported by its Advisory and Academic Councils, RimPac conducts its research activities in the areas of protecting China's national security, safeguarding China's interest in the course of its global integration, and by natural progression, fostering a better international environment for peaceful co-existence of nations worldwide.

A well-known think tank rich in talents and strong in its research capabilities, RimPac has a successful track record in conducting commissioned research projects, chairing regional and international seminars and conferences, while its policy advice and recommendation papers to regional and state governments in China are always highly considered.

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